What is waffling

What is waffling

Noun. (plural wafflings). A repetitive speech or response to a question. Verb. Present participle of waffle. (To ramble on without a point; to argue a point without . Faced with explaining why no WMD were found in Iraq, Bush found himself waffling between portraying America as a Christian nation and crucifying Saddam. Define waffling. waffling synonyms, waffling pronunciation, waffling translation, English dictionary definition of waffling. n. A light crisp cake made of batter and. What is waffling

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Resources for waffle Time Traveler! A waff fellowone whose conduct is immoral; or whose character is so bad, no one will associate with him But there is no mention of it meaning to yelp or bark incessantly. What is waffling last is an important aptitude, and in Britain has What is waffling the name of 'waffling'. My error, my fault and for that I apologize. Collins Dictionary gives this definition.

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