Science channel mythbusters giveaways

Science channel mythbusters giveaways

Science Channel is partnering with DJI to give away a DJI Spark drone each Wednesday during MythBusters through January 3! Enter the. View giveaways listing published at with detailed prize description DJI Drone Sweepstakes: Science Channel | MythBusters | Discover . MYTHBUSTERS: THE EXPLOSIVE EXHIBITION & GIVEAWAY MythBusters made its television debut on the Discovery Channel in and.

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The MythBusters Try... And Try... To Walk On Water


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Mythbusters Holiday Mega-Marathon Giveaway

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Science channel mythbusters giveaways

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  1. MythBusters Brian Louden and Jon Lung separate fact from fiction in spectacular style with a dazzling array of epic and raucous experiments involving combustible gas tanks, water-heater torpedoes, goo gone wild, and more.

  2. Employees, officers and directors of Discovery Communications, LLC "Sponsor" , its parent companies, subsidiaries, and affiliates collectively, "Giveaway Entities" and the immediate family members spouses and parents, children and siblings and their spouses, regardless of where they live or members of the same households whether related or not of such individuals are not eligible.

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