Raffle terms and conditions

Raffle terms and conditions

Somerset Wildlife Trust Winter Raffle / - Terms & Conditions. 1. Somerset Wildlife Trust is registered as a charity in England (No ) 2. Promoter. Raffle Terms & Conditions. Total Ticket Value $10, and Less. The role of the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission and the intent of these Terms. Thank you for supporting RNIB. These terms and conditions refer to online and postal entry to our UK raffle.

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What Is A Raffle Draw?

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Raffle terms and conditions

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Failure to comply with any of these requirements may result in disqualification and the selection of an alternate winner if time permits. Any and all prize items forfeited are forever gone and may not be transferred to another party or claimed at later date.

The winner will be Raffle terms and conditions by an independent person on 21 September You must be 18 years of age or older at the time you place your order to enter this raffle. This Raffle is being held pursuant to a raffle permit issued by Boston, Massachusetts. Follow the instructions provided Raffle terms and conditions fully complete and submit your online order to purchase tickets for the Raffle.

A Potential winner shall be selected on the Drawing Date, as specified by the Official Rules, which may be extended as permitted by the Official Rules.

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How to Calculate the Percentage Chances of Winning a Raffle : Math Instruction

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  1. You must be 18 years of age or older at the time you place your order to enter this raffle.

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